- Short-haul product within a radius of up to 300km


Ideal for:


- Container and port logistics


- Sand and stone


- Brick deliveries


- Waste operations


- Mechanical and electrical breakdown




- Lower excesses:


- Basic excess: 10% of claim, minimum R2500


- Theft excess: 10% of claim, minimum R5000


- Cover for the theft of spare parts, tyres and  

  accessories included (excess 10% of claim,

  minimum R5000)


- Windscreen replacement costs up to R10 000


- Wreckage removal costs up to R10 000


- Towing and storage costs up to R10 000

- Loss of keys up to R5000


- Vehicles can be insured on an agreed value basis


T & C’s apply including previous loss history that is favourable




- Long haul product with a radius of over 300km


- Territorial limits cover the whole of SADC and

  extends to include Malawi, Tanzania and the

  DRC - up to Kolwezi


- Cover up to R4 million plus VAT per combination


- Passenger liability R2.5 million plus VAT

  per combination


- Third Party liability R5 million plus VAT

  per combination


- Can increase to R20 million plus VAT


- Mechanical and electrical breakdown




- While all excesses, conditions and warranties are  

  negotiable and subject to T & C’s and favourable  

  loss history, our basic excesses are as follows:


- Sum insured < R150 000, 10% of claim

  (minimum R10 000)

- Sum insured > R150 000, 10% of claim

  (minimum R15 000)


- Other excesses apply such as theft/hijack,

  foreign driver, night-driving, single-vehicle

  accident, under 25 driver


- Some insurers offer an excess as a percentage

  of sum insured




- Cover up to R1.5 million plus VAT


- Cover offered - per load per truck and annual

  carry basis 


- Cover up to R60 000 for containers

  (theft and damage)


- Cover up to R15 000  for ropes, nets, tarpaulins,  

  chains - basic excess R2500


- Cover up to R25 000 for debris removal and

  clean-up costs - basic excess R2500


- Cover up to R25 000 for salvaging/load

  recovery costs - basic excess R2500


T & C’s apply including previous loss history that is favourable


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